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Polyimide Prepregs


Renegade materials is the Global Leader in the Manufacture and  Supply of production Polyimide Materials for High Service Temperature Aerospace Applications

Renegade Materials produces thousands of pounds of polyimide prepregs for flight hardware every month with a perfect quality and delivery record!  Renegade Materials' high temperature prepregs and adhesives are powered by next generation polyimide resin technology.  As the largest production supplier of polyimide composite materials in the world, we are the industry's most-trusted commercial source for AFR-PE-4 and other aerospace grade polyimide materials.  Renegade Materials is the exclusive supplier of prepregs made with proprietary RM-1100 polyimide resin technology offering the highest temperature polymeric solution for commercial and military engine/aircraft applications up to 700°F.  Renegade Materials is also the exclusive supplier of prepregs made with patented MVK-14M FreeFormTM, a polyimide prepreg used in global commercial aircraft applications up to 550°F. 

Are you looking for a non-MDA replacement for PMR-15 or Skybond® type polyimides?  Renegade Materials has multiple options for you.  Contact us to discuss the polyimide that best meets your needs. 


  • Green, Non-Toxic Chemistries and Manufacturing Processes
  • Good Tack and Handle-ability
  • Continuous Service Temperatures up to  700°F
  • Excellent Hot-Wet Properties and Thermal Oxidative Stability (TOS)
  • Experienced Supply-Chain of Parts Design & Fabrication Suppliers Available
  • Autoclave and Compression Molding Options
  • Fabric Prepregs Available up to 60" wide, Unitape Prepreg Widths up to 24" wide.

Please note that our polyimide product data sheets are not available online due to export restrictions on these types of materials.  Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a product data sheet on any of our polyimide products. 

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