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Low Dielectric Prepregs


Renegade Materials offers the following prepreg products for low dielectric aerospace applications. 

RM-5003 is a pure cyanate ester prepreg system developed for Shipboard, Aircraft and Missile Radome applications requiring excellent electrical properties.  It processes using a straight-forward 350°F Cure with Free-Standing Post Cure.

If you are looking for a lower cost option to Cyanate Ester, Renegade Materials offers RM-2014-LDk-TK.  

RM-2014-LDk-TK is a 300°F cure modified epoxy featuring near cyanate ester dielectric and loss performance without the cost and processing challenges of cyanate ester systems. 

Renegade Material's low dielectric prepreg systems offer a unique balance of mechanical properties, low dielectric and loss, moisture resistance and versatile processing options.  Renegade Materials manufactures all quartz and glass prepregs in a carbon-free environment to prevent contamination. 


  • Low Out-Gas Chemistry                                                       
  • Low Dielectric/Loss
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • Good Handle-ability and Tack
  • Reasonable Minimum Buys and Lead-times

Low Dielectric Products

cure temperature

dielectric performance on quartz



Dk < 3.10; Loss < 0.003 @ 10 GHz



(Autoclave or Oven Cure)

Dk < 3.15; Loss < 0.006 @ 12-18 GHz

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