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Renegade Materials offers two types of Cyanate Ester products. RM-5001 is optimized for Space/Satellite and other structures requiring stable performance across a spectrum of temperatures.

RM-5003 is a pure cyanate ester developed for for Shipboard, Aircraft and Missile Radome and Antenna applications requiring excellent electrical properties.

If you are looking for a lower cost option to Cyanate Esters, Renegade Materials offers a modified epoxy called RM-2014-LDk-TK.  RM-2014-LDk-TK is a 300°F curing modified epoxy with excellent dielectric and loss properties without the cost of pure cyanate ester formulations. 

Space/Satellite material performance characteristics include low-outgassing, low micro-cracking, CTE and dimensional stability during exposure to extreme temperature and radiation changes. Reinforcing fibers include high and ultra-high modulus fibers in woven fabric and precision quality unidirectional tape prepregs.

Radome & Antenna materials are used in a wide variety of military and commercial aircraft applications as well as shipboard and missile structures. Renegade Material's Cyanate Ester prepregs offer a unique balance of mechanical properties, low dielectric and loss, moisture resistance, versatile processing options, and low cost.  Renegade Materials manufactures all quartz and glass prepregs in a carbon-free environment to prevent contamination. 

  • Low Out-Gas Chemistry
  • Low-Dielectric/Loss
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • 350°F Cure With Free-Standing Post Cure
  • Options for Nano Tailoring for High Thermal Conductivity and Dielectric Tuning
RM-5001Space - Satellite Structures

Low Outgassing, Excellent Processing and Balance of Mechanical and Thermal Properties

RM-5003Aircraft & Shipboard Radomes

Low Dk < 3.1; Low Loss < 0.003

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