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Prepregs and Adhesives for Aerospace Applications

Renegade Materials Corporation offers a diverse product line focused on meeting the demanding requirements of the aerospace market.  Customers find that we are not just another composite materials supplier.  Built on a solid foundation with over 30-years in the aerospace composite materials industry, Renegade Materials' team of experts use state of the art equipment and next-generation formulating technologies, to offer unique solutions to today’s aerospace design challenges.  Our innovative products are the answer for fuel savings, weight reduction, durability, stiffness and outstanding thermal performance in extreme environments.

Renegade materials' Product Line Includes:

  • Unique Formulated Resin Matrices to Support a Variety of Aerospace Applications
  • Fabric and Unidirectional Prepreg
  • Prepreg Widths up to 60-inch
  • Reinforcement Types Include: Carbon, Glass, Quartz and Ceramic Fibers/Fabrics
  • Adhesive Films, Pastes and Primers 
  • Infusion Resins for RTM or VaRTM Processes  

Renegade materials' Superior Quality and Service are Based On:

See the Selection Guide below for an aid to selecting the optimum resin and reinforcement type for your application.

Resin Type

Temperature Capability


-65°F to 800°F

Polyceramic Hybrid

  -65°F to 2000°F

Bismaleimide (BMI)

-65°F to 475°F

Cyanate Ester

-65°F to 375°F


-65°F to 300°F

Reinforcement Type

Performance Target




Low Dielectric/Loss



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