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Renegade Materials Corporation has consistently delivered new and innovative products to market for the ten years since we opened our doors.  Our product development team is focused on creating materials that our customers are seeking to solve critical challenges like weight reduction, durability in extreme environments, electrical and thermal management, stiffness and fatigue.  Renegade Materials is the global leader in the use of “green” manufacturing processes for making safe, non-toxic polyimide materials and eliminating the industry’s use of carcinogenic chemicals such as MDA.

Renegade Material‘s Technical Staff have over 35-years of experience in formulating, scaling, and manufacturing commercially successful resin chemistries for aerospace prepreg, adhesive and infusion products.  This expertise includes balancing the use of resin tougheners and modifiers for adhesion and flow control, the modification of polymer crosslink density, the selection of backbone structures to achieve the optimum balance of properties and the overall handling and performance of the material.  We work closely with customers to understand their application, and then formulate our products to not just perform in service, but to be processed safely and efficiently in the customer’s part manufacturing operations.  Volatile management, flow control, tack, drape and long working life are key aspects of Renegade Materials' product development process.

Early on, Renegade Materials successfully completed multiple DOD Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) programs, and State of Ohio Third Frontier Research Commercialization Program (RCP) Grants to supplement our own internal R&D investment.  In recent years, Renegade Materials has re-invested an extraordinarily high percentage of our revenues back into product development and qualification programs depending less on outside funding sources.  Renegade Materials continues to update our technology roadmap with research efforts directed toward rapid commercialization of products, creating millions of dollars in new sales revenues and permanent jobs for our growing employee team.  

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