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Susan Robitaille

Susan M. Robitaille, Renegade’s Technical Director and Co-Founder, has over 35+ years of product development experience, formulating resin systems and manufacturing processes for composite materials. She is widely regarded as an innovative technology leader in the composites industry.  Ms. Robitaille earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from California State University, Chico, CA.  Her career has included 14-years as Technical Director at YLA, Inc., an advanced composite materials producer in Benicia, CA; preceded by 11-years as a Research Specialist and Project Manager at Hexcel Corporate Research and Development (Livermore, CA) working specifically in new composite materials product development.  Ms. Robitaille holds several patents on the development of low energy curing epoxy resins and composite repair, and she has recently commercialized affordable and easy-to-process UV and LED energy curable prepregs for galvanic barriers and machining ply restoration used in aircraft production.

Ms. Robitaille brings extensive experience in the formulation and development of BMI, Cyanate Ester and Epoxy polymer resin systems for a wide variety of manufacturing processes used in the aerospace, defense, space, commercial and high-performance racing yacht industries.  Product forms include fiber-reinforced prepregs, adhesives, molding compounds, infusion resins, pastes, syntactic foam, and precision resin films.  She has been developing and demonstrating commercial scale composite prepregs for very large, Out-of-Autoclave cured structures for twenty years. 

Ms. Robitaille has vast experience specializing in the “tuning” of electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties of composite materials, and she is well recognized as a leading formulator of nano-tailored composite systems for multi-functional prepregs and molding compounds. 

At Renegade Materials, she provides technical leadership in all aspects of product development, design, testing, failure analysis and qualifications. The strength and broad scope of her experience allows her to achieve the important balance between material properties, manufacturing efficiency and affordability.


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