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MVK-14 FreeForm Polyimide – Exclusive!

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    Renegade is a global leader in the high-rate production of polyimide materials for high-service temperature aerospace applications up to 2500°F. Our AFR-PE-4, MVK-14 FreeForm®, and FireWalker Polyceramic products are light-weight, highly-engineered prepregs, adhesives and hybrid composite systems that enable maximum performance and fuel-efficiency in commercial and military aircraft structures.



How long are you waiting to get material? At Renegade, we think 2-3 weeks is a long lead time. We stock long lead raw materials at our expense so we can be ready to make your material when you need it. It's time to feel like the customer again!
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Why buy and store much more material than you need? Renegade's state-of-the-art production equipment was designed to minimize the cost of small runs. That's why we try to avoid MOQ's as much as possible. It's time to feel like the customer again!

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Toughened Epoxy

Renegade's RM-2005 350°F Cure Toughened Epoxy is a great choice for aerospace applications requiring high performance, durability, versatility and affordability. Renegade has self-funded the generation of an extensive database in response to widespread aerospace market demand for an alternative to the industry-standard product.

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